Prayer Requests

PRAY for more regular church budgeted giving by churches for GLEAM, we have over 200 new requests for materials that we cannot fill because we do not have the funds or materials to do so.

PRAY for replenishing of the materials account so that Bibles and much needed discipleship materials may be purchased.

PRAY for the safety of those in foreign lands that receive the GLEAM material. Many are in great danger because of radicals, Muslim, and Hindu religions.

PRAY for workers, both here and hundreds of Christians in churches throughout the U.S. and Canada.

PRAY for fruitful trips to STATE Fellowships and for the opportunity to put on Power Point presentations about GLEAM.

PRAY many will come to know the Lord because of the Word that is being disseminated by GLEAM and its supporters.

PRAY for liaison personal in various states that may want to collect material from a number of churches and other sources and see that GLEAM gets the material. In some cases if the distance is not too great they would bring it to GLEAM. If someone is interested in this part of the ministry they can email or write to GLEAM for details.