Preparing Shipments for GLEAM

Organize before packing shipment.

It will greatly assist us if you would organize all of your materials into these categories prior to shipping them. Please also fill in the attached GLEAM SHIPMENT IDENTIFICATION FORM and place one in each box.

Bible helps, New Testaments, Bible portions (i.e. Gospel of John, Romans)

See  authors that we accept.

Our Daily Bread & Radio Bible Class teaching booklet (rubber band both of these in packs of 25), Today in the Word

VBS materials & visuals
Note: Only send RBP or Accent (David C. Cook) publications. You may send any year as the lessons generally recycle every 3-4 years. Missing Teacher and/or Student manuals can usually be added from other donor materials. However, do not send incomplete workbooks. Please pre-sort the materials by publisher, age group, year, and quarter. Presorting saves us valuable time when we receive the material and when matching it to other materials for shipping.

pamphlets & booklets (rubber band in packs of 25)