Ways to Help

PRAY for the ministry. Usually with each newsletter is a list of needs for the ministry. Keep this list handy and pray through them.

PLAN a Book Drive. One of the areas of greatest need in these countries are Bibles, Bible study tools, and good Christian books (see Author Acceptance List). Some churches have a Bible and Christian book drive for a month in their church. They place a box in the foyer and the Missions Group takes on the project of sorting, packing, and shipping them to us. Sometimes they also take a special offering to help with the shipping costs to us and to the foreign mission field.

PRESENT GLEAM to Christian bookstores. We receive many donations from Christian bookstores of leftover quarterly Sunday School materials. Go to your local bookstore and explain the ministry of GLEAM. You could use this web site.

If you clarify that the material will not be resold, but will be sent directly to needy people on the foreign field, they may be willing to supply you regularly with unused materials. Of course, you cannot use the material in this country for personal use.